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It is shockingly uncivil to say cc But that is
nonsense". The defenders of all the dogmatic
religions fly into rage and indignation when one
touches on the absurdity of their foundations.
Especially if one laughs. That is blasphemy.
This avoidance of fundamental criticism is one
of the greatest dangers to any general human
understanding.   Marxism is no exception to the
universal tendency.   The Capitalist System has
to be a real system, the Bourgeoisie an organised
conspiracy against the Workers, and every human
conflict everywhere has to be an aspect of the
Glass War, or they cannot talk to you.    They
will not listen to you.    Never once has there
been an attempt to answer the plain things I
have been saying about them for a third of a
century.    Anything not in their language flows
off their minds like water off a duck's back.   Even
Lenin—by far the subtlest mind in the Communist
story—has not escaped this pitfall, and when I
talked to him in Moscow in  1920 he seemed
quite unable to realise that the violent conflict
going   on   in   Ireland   between   the   Catholic
nationalists and the Protestant garrison was not
his sacred insurrection of the Proletariat in full
To-day there is quite a number of writers, and
among them there are men of science who ought
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